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Hi, I'm Brandie Kekoa.

A Social Influencer & Business Strategist who empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand, market it on social media, and create a life they love.
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Social Influencer

Interactive, charismatic, and captivating - she's got what your brand needs!


Maverick who's on top of her game and ready to make dreams come true


A unique voice and perspective on different subjects like relationship issues, good food, fashion ideas, etc.
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Interactive, charismatic, captivating - she's got what your brand needs!

  • Charismatic personality to captivate & engage an audience
  • Trustworthy voice that can be used for a multitude of campaigns
  • A successful entrepreneur and offers advice to other entrepreneurs.
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“Never beg for a seat at anyone's table when you can create your own.”

A wise person.
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Storyteller & Advocate
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Create an emotional connection with your audience

I'm passionate about helping businesses grow. A seasoned entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience.

You're working with someone who knows how to get your message across with the skills needed to deliver stellar results for your business!

A Fresh & Unique Perspective

Create an authentic and real connection with your customers that lasts long after the campaign is over

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Build a site for your developer-first technology product.
We’re young but have already reached some huge milestones.
Average monthly signups since we launched in June 2018.
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An Authentic Storyteller that Captivates

Promoting Love & Positivity

I am a passionate advocate for the promotion of love and positivity. We can all make a difference by spreading feelings of joy!

Encouraging Self-Empowerment

Helping people believe in themselves & encouraging them to do their best without fear of failure. Be free from fear and be the best version of yourself.
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“Brandie boosted our social engagement immediately after our campaign started."

This company increased their social reach when working with Brandie– and here we are singing it from the rooftops.

Alpha B,
Chief Executive Officer
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Let's talk about your brand & how I can help.

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